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'I went from spreadsheets to proning Covid patients'

Thousands of NHS staff, from dentists to physiotherapists, have been redeployed during the pandemic. Source link

Covid: Deaths in England and Wales fall 92% since January peak

"Something like 30 or 40 people drown in the bath every year, something like 1,000 people die falling down the stairs, something like 200 die from choking on their breakfast, and that's many,...

Overseas health workers to get free UK visa extension, says Home Office

The Home Office says it will benefit 14,000 people, but unions ask why care workers are not included. Source link

‘I was told my BMI wasn’t low enough to get help’

Victoria Spence, an influencer and life coach from Manchester, told the BBC she fell into a "deep, dark hole" about her body image as a teenager, leading to her developing an eating disorder....

Lockdown easing: What to watch for when you’re out and about

From 12 April people in England will be able to visit shops, gyms and hairdressers, as well as the outdoor spaces of pubs and restaurants.So with the next stages of lockdown easing on...

Rare blood clots – what you need to know

We take a look at why these unusual clots happen and when they occur. Source link

Pharmacist says get vaccinated despite brother’s death

A pharmacist whose brother died after having the AstraZeneca vaccine has told the BBC she still feels strongly that people should continue have their jabs. Alison Astles' brother Neil, 59, died of a...

Covid: Unpaid carers 'struggled to get pain relief' for terminally ill

Susan Lowe is among the carers who struggled to get pain relief for a loved one during the pandemic. Source link

Covid: Vaccines 'break link' between infections and death

A study of 140,000 people in England found one in 500 were infected. Source link

Covid: Applause for 104-year-old Colombian who beat coronavirus – twice

A 104-year-old Colombian woman has received a standing ovation from hospital staff after recovering from Covid-19 for a second time. Carmen Hernandez was first diagnosed with coronavirus in June 2020, and she was...
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