Meat Curry Gets A Pahadi-Twist With This Fiery, Garlic-y Recipe From Uttarakhand – Try It Today


Do you too feel a simple aloo jeera or dal tadka tastes remarkably different when we have it in the hills? If you think it’s because of the weather and the vibe, then you are partially correct. We agree, the environment and the serene nature makes everything feel nice and beautiful, but that’s not what adds the rustic flavours to the dishes. It is the locally produced ingredients and the traditional cooking style that makes the hilly food taste so fresh and flavoruful. For instance, due to the scarcity of modern amenities, several people in the hills cook food on wood fire, which adds a smoke-y flavor to every dish you have. Likewise, almost every person in this region also prepare chutneys, ghee and several other condiments at home and add to their recipes, further making the dish extremely aromatic. One such perfect instance is the Uttaranchali meat curry. For the unversed, Uttarakhand was earlier referred to as Uttaranchal.

In Uttarakhand every region has its unique food culture – two most prominent ones being Garhwali and Kumaoni. Although the usage of ingredients in both the cuisine remains almost the same, they differ hugely in terms of taste and flavor. But what remains common is the strong, rustic essence that leaves a strong impression on every palate.

How To Make Uttaranchali Meat Curry:

This Uttaranchali meat curry is basically juicy, succulent pieces of meat dunked in spicy gravy made with home-made garlic chutney. Yes, it sounds quite like achari chicken. But once you taste, it you will not only get to find the difference, but also fall in love with the dish instantly.

Let’s start with how to make the garlic chutney. All you need to do is pound garlic, jeera, dhania salt, red chilli powder and turmeric powder together. Traditionally it is done in mortar-pestle or a grinding stone; but you may always resort to technology and get it done instantly in a chutney grinder.

Then heat oil in a pan, fry onions, add the chutney, tomatoes and cook spicy gravy, by adding some water. Now add the meat, mix everything well and slow-cook for atleast an hour. Seal the cover with atta dough and follow ‘dum’ process. This will help make the meat juicy and flavourful. Already slurping?

Here’s the step-by-step recipe for you to follow. Pair it with roti or rice and indulge.

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