PM Modi In Pariksha Pe Charcha Event


Exams Are Opportunity To Shape Life: PM Modi In Pariksha Pe Charcha Event

Pariksha Pe Charcha 2021: Prime Minister interacts with students, teachers, parents

New Delhi:

There is just one word for exam—kasauti– which means test. Exams are not the last chance, rather they are the perfect opportunity to shape your life in the long run,” said Prime Minister Narendra Modi while interacting with students, teachers, and academicians in the first virtual edition of Pariksha Pe Charcha.

PM Modi said children should not be pressured by parents, teachers and others so that they can appear in exams without any pressure. “If we decrease the pressure on students, their fear of exams will also be reduced. Parents should understand their child’s calibre and focus on their strengths. Parents must create a healthy environment for students,” PM Modi said.

Answering a student who asked a question on how she can deal with a specific subject that she doesn’t like, PM Modi said, “It is ok to not like or be weak in some subjects but do not consider them a failure point. successful people are those who focus on their strengths. One must focus on tough subjects and treat them as a challenge.”

“Those who are successful may not be perfect in all subjects but they have mastered one,” he added. PM Modi shared Lata Mangeshkar’s example and said, “Would Lata Mangeshkar be able to teach Geography? Maybe not. Be she is perfect in her art.”

A student who wanted to understand how free time can be utilized, PM Modi answered, “Free time is a treasure, it should not be wasted. It is important to have some free time otherwise your life becomes robotic. Help your family members and spend time in recreational activities that give you happiness. Do story writing, painting etc.”

Don’t Burden Your Children: PM Modi

Answering parents who asked how to raise kids in changing times and how to ensure that they are given good values, PM Modi suggested to not burden the children with their values. “Students must be given values by their parents and family but sometimes we need to self-evaluate the situation. Children don’t need to follow the same value as their parents,” he said.

A teacher from Ludhiana, Pratibha Gupta, asked how to make students self-motivated to do their work on their own.

“I differ. We create a mould and try to fit in our kids. We connect it to our social status and create a parameter. We force them to fulfil our aspirations and end up treating our kids as instruments. I suggest training them first, motivation will follow. Positive motivation augers well for the growth and development of youngsters,” PM Modi replied.

Don’t Attempt To ‘Memorise’ But ‘Internalise’

Students should not try to “memorise” what they study, instead, they should “internalise”, PM Modi answered a student who asked why her friends struggle to remember what they have already learnt.

“Don’t think that your memory is weak. One remembers a lot of things… things that you like, things that you do not have to try to remember because those have become a part of your life such as your mother tongue. It’s not about memory but internalisation,” said PM Modi. ‘

‘Improve, Internalise, Visualise’–PM Modi also shared a formula to sharpen your memory.

PM Modi also advised students to leave their worry outside the examination hall and refer to his book– ‘Exam Warriors’ to deal with the exam stress.

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