This Super Healthy Alma Juice Is Just What You Need For Your Daily Dose Of Vitamin C



  • Vitamin C is important to strengthen immunity and aid weight loss
  • Amla (or Indian gooseberry) is loaded with vitamin C
  • This amla drink includes goodness of apple, strawberry and flaxseeds

Vitamin C is one of the important nutrients that lay the foundation stone for a healthy lifestyle. It helps repair tissues, strengthen bone-health, improve metabolism and boost immunity. Hence, amidst the on-going Coronavirus pandemic, several experts often recommend the inclusion of vitamin C in our daily diet to aid immunity and reduce the effects of any kind of viral infection. Vitamin C is water-soluble and gets easily washed away by our system. So, one must remember that it is important to refill our body with the nutrient, as often as possible.

Vitamin C is extensively found in a number of fruits and vegetables we consume on a regular basis – one such example is amla(or Indian gooseberry). This tarty, pungent fruit has garnered a huge share of fanfare for being a powerhouse of nutrients. Often dubbed as a superfood, amlais also loaded with antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties, fibre and more. Besides boosting immunity, amla may help shed some extra kilos, fight free radical damages, boost skin and hair health, lower cholesterol levels, promote better digestion et al. For the unversed, amla has been a part of traditional medical practice since centuries. You can have it as is with some salt or whip up healthy recipes like juice, chutneyetc for a quick meal.

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We bring a super healthy amla (Indian gooseberry) juice recipe that also adds the goodness of strawberry, apple and flaxseeds to our diet. This drink is easy to prepare and makes for a wholesome meal during the time-pressed mornings.

Here’s The Recipe For Super Healthy Amla-Flaxseed Juice:


Strawberry – Half cup

Apple – Half cup

Indian gooseberry (Amla) – Half cup (deseeded)

Flaxseeds – 1 tablespoon

Maple syrup or honey – as per taste (optional)


Step 1. Add all the ingredients, except maple syrup or honey, in a blending jar. Mix everything together.

Step 2. Add some maple syrup or honey to it if needed.

Step 3. Garnish it with some mint leaves to add flavours if you want.

Try this drink at home and provide yourself with a generous dose of vitamin C regularly. Have a nice day!

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