BB14: Sara Gurpal makes shocking revelations


Personally, I don’t like Nikki. She is inhuman. She knew while performing the task that her acrylic nails were hurting me, but she continued doing it. I don’t know why it was not shown on the show when I was complaining about my eyes. I would go to the cameras and complain about it. I am the only one who has visited the medical room the most. I used to visit three to four times a day to the medical room. Due to infection I would take two to three injections every day. I was on antibiotics and I am still on steroids for my eyes. I can’t see light, it starts hurting my eyes. I don’t need to exaggerate things as I have reports. I have been through all this. People were saying Nikki Tamboli’s makeup got destroyed, I mean she can get her makeup set but if I lose my eyesight or anything happens to my eyes, will they be able to compensate for it. I have damaged my cornea, who will compensate for it. She is such a stupid girl just to win the task she went on hurting my eyes. What do you think, how people would have reacted if they would have seen all this on the show? They would have never appreciated it. She did not come to apologize to me for two days after doing this to me. Seniors would tell me that she was too guilty to face me. What bullsh**. It is not right. Despite the injury I was doing household chores, other tasks. Surprisingly, seniors would see all these things. Hina has said so many times on camera about it. In the morning there would be so much puss in my eyes that Eijaz, Rubina, Abhinav, Shehzad and even Jasmin would put medicine in my eyes every 15 minutes, so that I could open my eyes. I am not playing any sympathy card. If I had to do it I could have done inside like how Nikki did for her nails. (Photo: Instagram)

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