Hathras girl’s family wants to leave village


Unsure of what will unfold after police and media are gone, the family of the deceased Hathras girl wants to move out of the village that has been their home for generations, reports Anuja Jaiswal. “It will be impossible to stay on after all that has happened. It would mean a lot if the government helped us move to Delhi. We want to start all over again, away from the glare,” the victim’s elder brother told TOI on Friday.
“It would be easier on us if we went somewhere else,” the victim’s elder brother said. “We will move … Police security is present at the moment. It won’t be here forever.”
The family’s request to move the case from UP to Delhi was placed before the Allahabad high court on October 12.
There are about 60 upper caste families and four Dalit families in the village. Earlier, on the basis of a complaint by the girl’s family that the families of the four accused were threatening them, additional police forces were deployed at their house. Later, the victim’s father and brother had told visiting politicians that they were “not feeling secure” in their village, pressure exerted from all sides.
The victim’s younger brother said it had been a hard decision. “Our identity is tied to this village. This is where we were born, where we grew up. For generations, we have lived here. It’s not easy, but we will move,” he said. “There have been many good memories for all of us here. But now, the bad ones are overpowering. Being here will be a constant reminder of what happened to our sister.”

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