India added 1m cases, 13k deaths in 12 days


NEW DELHI: India has recorded more than 1 million Covid-19 infections in the first 12 days of September amid an unprecedented surge of the pandemic in the country. The country has also reported 13,082 deaths during this period, the highest toll from the virus recorded in any country so far this month.
With 95,249 fresh cases reported on Saturday, India’s case count so far in September is 10,65,796, as per data collated by TOI from state governments. By contrast, India had recorded over 19.8 lakh cases in August, the highest by any country for any month. If current trends continue, India will have recorded more cases than the August tally by September 24.
The country’s death toll in September is also the world’s highest so far, with both the US and Brazil having recorded around 10,000 fatalities each this month. On Saturday, 1,115 deaths were reported in the country, the toll staying above 1,000 for the sixth straight day.
The day’s fresh cases dropped marginally from Friday’s record high of nearly 98,000, with many of the worst-hit states reporting a slight dip. However, nine states recorded their highest single-day jump in infections — Delhi (4,321 new cases), Chhattisgarh (3,964), Haryana (2,783), Madhya Pradesh (2,347), J&K (1,698), Rajasthan (1,669), Gujarat (1,365), Uttarakhand (1,115) and Goa (740).
Meanwhile, Uttar Pradesh became the fifth state in the country to record more than 3 lakh Covid-19 cases.
Maharashtra added 22,084 new Covid-19 cases with 391 deaths on Saturday.

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