What does it mean to hit peak during Covid?


Reaching or hitting the peak during the pandemic is the one phrase which certainly gets thrown around a lot these days. But what does it exactly mean? Do we no longer have to worry about fresh COVID-19 cases once we hit the peak or do we still have to follow social distancing and good hand hygiene practices, even after reaching the peak? Most of all, does it signify the beginning of the end of the coronavirus pandemic? Fret not, we do have the answers for you.

For starters, reaching the peak during the pandemic simply means that statistically, the number of new cases have begun to level off or even slip, instead of going on an upward trend. However, reaching a peak during the pandemic is not a single-day event. The cases need to continue to decline for at least some time, after witnessing a sharp rise in new COVID-19 cases. Some experts suggest noticing the trend for at least two weeks before labelling it as a downward trend.

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